How We Began

Our church began in the hearts and minds of some folks in Crestview Baptist Church of Midland who were interested in local missions.  They had begun to see the need  for a church to minister to the spiritual needs in north Midland.  After a time of studies, surveys and making of plans, the work began.  Some Crestview members volunteered to be part of the new mission.  And with all of that, Northwestern Baptist was on the way.

The first meeting place for the mission, outside of Crestview, was in Goddard Junior High School.  They met in the school for two years while strengthening the ministry and constructing the permanent home.  Then they moved into the current location on Mockingbird Lane.  After a year in the new building, the mission was constituted as an independent church.  So began Northwestern Baptist Church.

It is interesting to note how many of the major moves of the new congregation in those early years occurred early in May.  The first meeting of the mission in Goddard school was on May 3, 1981.  The first meeting in the newly constructed building was on May 8, 1983.  And the mission was constituted as a church, with 202 members.  On May 6, 1984. 

What We Believe

We are a Southern Baptist church. We come together as part of the family of God.

We believe:

       · that the Holy Bible is the Divinely Inspired Word of God; that it contains no                 error

       · in the triune God - God is ONE, represented in three persons: The Father, The          Son and The Holy Spirit

       · in one way to salvation through forgiveness in Jesus Christ

       · Jesus is fully God who became man in order to atone for the sins of each                  individual

       · Jesus was born of a virgin

       · Jesus lived a sinless life

       · Jesus was cruicified, buried and rose on the third day

       · Jesus ascended into Heaven and sits in His rightful place in the Godhead until          His return

       · God sent the Holy Spirit to indwell believers in Christ to guide, empower and              comfort us until the day of Christ's return

       · God wants to give every person a chance to get to know Him personally. Our            mission is to be a part of God's plan to reach that "every person" for Christ, at            home through our church  program and around the world through mission                  activities and offerings to support our missionaries.

For more information, click here to read the "Baptist Faith and Message".